About Me

(Erm, this is awkward… I’ve really gotta hang it all out there?)

In short, I’m an ex investment banker, ex small business owner, and now author.

Believe it or not, some interesting, imaginative, passionate – even compassionate – people work in the banking industry. Well, okay… they’re a minority. The industry doesn’t encourage empathy, and the higher you climb the tree (or the pile of bodies, perhaps) the harder it is to avoid compromising your integrity. It was fun though, for a while, certainly challenging. Five years in Sydney, another five in Tokyo, by which time it became… narrow. Grey. Boring really. And I wasn’t sure that I liked who I was becoming.

So I took a deep breath and leapt.

Floated around back in Sydney for a while. Got married, had two beautiful, wonderful, amazing, awesome kids. Did ‘business continuity’ plans for a couple of merchant banks, consulted to a tax effective film financing operation and faced the ‘get in or get out’ question, and decided I definitely didn’t want back into banking, full time.

Set up an internet presence provider with a mate. We designed, built and hosted search engine optimised websites, particularly for hospitality businesses. It’s an easy business to stay busy in, not so easy to be profitable. After a bit over half a decade, we decided we had to completely change our business model which meant getting smaller (even harder to make a buck) or much bigger (requiring risk capital… emphasis on risk). So we bailed, sold it (for get-out-of-jail type money as opposed to sip-cocktails-for-the-rest-of-your-life type money, unfortunately). Got unmarried, sadly, but we’ve managed to achieve a strong, supportive friendship, within which to co-parent. (It’s true!)


All the while I read about science. I consumed New Scientist magazine religiously, devoured popular science books, wolfed down science fiction.

I started to play around with a book idea, and much to my surprise, actually wrote a full draft. And then another… and another… and finally published ‘INTERVENTION – The Pandora Virus’, which received sufficiently good feedback that I’m now finalising the sequel, ‘INTEGRATION – Hacking Humanity’.


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