Motion(less) in the ocean

I don’t want to sound like Dr Doom but I came across two disturbing articles recently.

In ‘The ocean is broken’ (Greg Ray, Sydney Morning Herald, 19 Oct 2013) a sailor compared the empty ocean he traversed recently (in his sailing trip from Melbourne, Australia to Osaka, Japan) with the bountiful plenty experienced on the same trip only ten years ago. Empty of life that is. But full of garbage.

Then I read ‘Choking oceans complete ‘deadly trio’ for marine life ‘ (New Scientist No 2938, 12 Oct 2013) referring to the recent International Program on the State of the Ocean study. IPSO Scientific Director, Alex Rogers tells us that “The health of the oceans is spiraling downwards far more rapidly than we thought”. Anyone remotely interested in the oceans will have heard about the problems of ocean acidification and surface seawater warming. The third threat is falling oxygen levels (which follow the warming). A dramatic example is the massive loss of marine life off North America in the last decade, a region which showed no evidence of low oxygen levels prior to 2000.

This is happening fast.

Acidification, warming, deoxygenation… three strikes and we’re out?

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