Truth or Fiction… smaller fish and dwindling catches by 2050

Sunday September 30, 2012

“Fish are likely to get smaller on average by 2050 because global warming will cut the amount of oxygen in the oceans in a shift that may also mean dwindling catches, according to a study on Sunday.

… ‘The reductions in body size will affect whole ecosystems,’ lead author William Cheung of the University of British Columbia in Canada, told Reuters of the findings in the journal Nature Climate Change.

His team of scientists said a trend towards smaller sizes was ‘expected to have large implications’ for ocean food webs and for human ‘fisheries and global protein supply’.

‘The consequences of failing to curtail greenhouse gas emissions on marine ecosystems are likely to be larger than previously indicated,’ the U.S. and Canada-based scientists wrote.”


Tuesday May 9, 2034

“The big stern trawler swayed in the waves. There were at least a dozen men down on the fishing deck, shouting to each other over the noise of the winches, which strained to haul the taught net on board. A great mass emerged from the ocean but the rear doors were left open and most of the men turned away from the net, disgust evident on their faces and in their movements. One of the men worked at the back of the net, releasing it, spilling the gelatinous mess back into the ocean. Another man climbed toward the camera and shouted at it.

“Jellyfish! Fours days out and its just fookin’ jellyfish again! How we supposed to make a fookin’ livin’?””

…read more in INTERVENTION by WRR Munro


  1. Its amazing all the little ways that such big changes like this effect things. People always seem to focus on the big changes posed by global warming and ignore all the little effects such as this. Fascinating articles

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