Truth or fiction… Project Glass

Wednesday June 27th, 2012 – Google announces Project Glass: “a device that puts a camera and a tiny video screen into a kind of eyeglass frame.”

“This involved Sergey Brin, Google’s co-founder, jumping on stage wearing the device and engaging in a live video chat on Google’s social network with a couple of wing-suited sky divers as they jumped out of a plane. They were followed by stunt bikers and rappellers who dropped down the face of the Moscone West convention center, all the while sharing what they were seeing through experimental versions of the glasses.”


Tuesday April 5th, 2033

“Ayden’s earpiece chimed softly.

[Video call from Linsey Carr,] it said and a small window appeared in his specs, top right where it wouldn’t block his view. Linsey was sipping from a steaming mug.

[Accept,] he subvocalized, then spoke aloud, “Hey Lin. How’s sunny Seattle?”

His audible voice boomed in his ears and shattered the quiet around him. Circumstances permitting, he preferred to speak audibly on person-to-person calls. His phone was quite capable of synthesizing his voice for the listener, and his neckband rarely misinterpreted the minute electrical signals within his larynx when he subvocalized, but somehow the result was thin, lacking timbre. Made him sound like an artificial.

“Oh, the comedian are you? I’ll be getting sick of this rain, I’ll tell ye that for naught. No video Ayden. Caught you at an inconvenient time, have I?” She peered directly into her cam with a warm smile. Her broad Scottish accent made her gorgeous West Indian looks all the more surprising, exotic. Married.

He touched thumb and third finger together, reactivating his gesture cuffs, which combined wrist nerve and inertial data to calculate exactly what each finger was doing and integrated seamlessly with the display his specs superimposed over his view. He smiled and flicked Linsey’s window larger.”

…read more in INTERVENTION by WRR Munro

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